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The Game 4/19/19

| April 19, 2019

0:00 – KSU’s Austin Trice will transfer
13:56 – Royals beat Yankees and Brad Keller suspended
24:57 – Jeopardy!
33:56 – The Office basketball
37:04 – Match Game
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The Game 4/18/19

| April 18, 2019

0:00 – Brad Keller vs. Tim Anderson
15:35 – Who would you like to throw a baseball at?
26:54 – Chiefs release 2019 schedule
2nd Hour: Mason v Music v John v Movies
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The Game 4/17/19

| April 17, 2019

The Royals took forever to win, so we taped a podcast early. Featuring, K-State football recruing, Mason’s strike three call and bike vs. horse when traveling to New York. We finally got to the show so we could try to decide what to call our Roya…

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The Game 4/16/19

| April 16, 2019

John ditched us for K-State baseball in Lincoln, Nebraska, but did speak with Kellis Robinett earlier today. Mason, Mitch and Matt Hall from K-State Online took care of the rest of the show. 0:00 – Faking sick/Chester Frazier leaves KSU hoops for Virginia Tech 11:40 – John with Kellis Robinett 0:00 – K-State’s Spring Showcase […]

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Wildcat Insider 4/15/19

| April 15, 2019

0:00 – 1st look at 2019 KSU football with Spring Showcase 11:32 – Football recruitig takes a few hits over the weekend 21:12 – Interview with Derek Young from K-State Online 31:18 – Sammy Wheeler moves to TE/K-State offense 0:00 – Coach Klieman confirms Justin Hughes injury 8:53 – Continued discussion about KSU football 18:57 […]

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The Game 4/12/19

| April 12, 2019

K-State’s Dean Wade played injured, but did it the right way. What to expect from K-State’s Spring Showcase tomorrow. Mason booked college basketball referee John Higgins for the show and hear that interview in hour one. Plus, You Can’t Be Serious. 0:00 – KSU played the Wade injury the right way 15:19 – Interview with […]

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The Game 4/11/19

| April 11, 2019

Mason v Music v John v Movies is back! Top K-State football news is that injured linebacker Justin Hughes is seeking a medical redshirt. KU basketball has as many questions as anyone with five players leaving. Plus, Things better than the Royals’ bullpen and You Can’t Be Serious. 0:00 – Hughes wants medical redshirt 11:30 […]

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The Game 4/10/19

| April 10, 2019

John and Mitch are back from New York City and in the KMAN studio. A K-State football player gets injured at practice and will miss the 2019 season. Since John and Mitch had to leave early, hear John’s recorded conversation with Kellis Robinett to wrap the show. 00:00 – Key injury for K-State football’s defense […]

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The Game 4/2/19

| April 2, 2019

Mason celebrates his birthday today by attending a KC Royals game.
00:00 – Mason’s Birthday
12:26 – 3 Words for Mason’s 21st birthday/Pro wrestling
25:20 – 3 Words for 21st birthday/Giveaway for Powercat Auction
35:03 &#8…

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Wildcat Insider 4/1/19

| April 1, 2019

0:00 – Texas Tech reaches first Final Four 11:34 – Horton-Tucker declares for NBA Draft/Cats after UC Irvine loss 22:21 – How different Spring football practice has been with Coach Klieman 28:46 – Interview with Ally Connolly from Powercat Auction 0:00 – Texas Tech’s Chris Beard is big time now 12:04 – Twitter questions/Standouts at […]

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