The Game 6/22/16

| June 22, 2016

Royals still can’t win on the road. KSU Purple and Black team is coming to Manhattan. JR Smith can’t keep a shirt on and “Jabroni of the Week”.

Hour 1

      1 Royals lose to the Mets and KSU adds hoops camp for Purple and Black team

      2 KSU FB gets another OL for 2017 and JR Smith never wears a shirt

      3 RIP John’s car

      4 Colbert Charity Classic round one leader Hunter Sparks

Hour 2

      5 Country Stampede and the Purple and Black team hosting a camp

      6 Tyler from B1047 gets us kind of ready for Stampede

      7 Who is the JR Smith of the Royals

      8 Jabroni of the Week

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