Alamo Bowl: Day One

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K-State Defense:

UCLA Defense:

Notes from day one’s press conferences for both the K-State and UCLA defenses:

– Defensive Coordinator Tom Hayes says K-State will start Nate Jackson at safety for the injured Dylan Schellenberg. The Cats lost Schellenberg during the regular season finale at Baylor. True freshman Kaleb Prewett was also believed to be fighting with Jackson for the starting spot.

– After injured safety Travis Green tweeted yesterday that he would be transferring, Dante Barnett and Randall Evans reacted to the news:

“I didn’t really know much about it. That’s tough because we’ve built a bond and a friendship there, so any time you lose a friend that you go out there with that’s tough. He made sure his presence was made. He made some great plays for our defense.” – Dante Barnett

“I sat next to him in the locker room so you know we talked a lot. He told me how he was feeling about it, but I didn’t know he was going to make that decision. We can’t make that decision for him. I want him to make the best decision that he feels is right for him. If he feels that’s right for him then that’s great.” – Randall Evans

– UCLA defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich came up with perhaps the most creative way yet to describe how tough it is to defend Tyler Lockett:

“He’s a pain the ass now. It’s funny because you watch tape, there’s times where you know he’s getting the ball. You think opposing defenses are aware of that as well. He finds a way to make the play.”

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