Weekly Press Conference

Cats Channel Extra Energy for Baylor

December 3, 20140 Comments

Jonathan Truman admits that K-State is a little more pumped up for this game and Coach Snyder describes the personality of this team.

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Snyder, Players Emotional This Week

November 25, 20140 Comments

K-State seniors discuss their emotions heading into senior day this weekend and Coach Snyder is emotional himself to see the end of the Vanier Football Complex.

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Cats Run Game Tries To Recover

November 18, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder says the entire offense is responsible for getting the run game back on track and Morgan Burns admits he’s thinking about a Big 12 title.

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Hubener in the Wildcat Could Happen

November 11, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder and Joe Hubener discuss the possibility of using Hubener in a wildcat package.

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TCU Toughest Test Yet?

November 5, 20140 Comments

Travis Britz and Jonathan Truman discuss whether TCU is the best offense they’ve seen this year plus Coach Snyder admits that it would be hard to ignore how big this game is.

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Cats Prepare for Daxx Garman

October 29, 20140 Comments

Morgan Burns explains how to keep Daxx Garman turnover prone, Coach Snyder says there’s no reason to overlook Oklahoma State and Will Davis has a good excuse for not checking¬†the college football playoff selection committee rankings last night.

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Coach Snyder Texts Mack Brown

October 22, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder explains what he and former Texas head coach Mack Brown have been texting about.

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Stopping Trevor Knight

October 14, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder discusses stopping Trevor Knight, the K-State running game and the playing time of Kaleb Prewett.

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Video – Coach Snyder’s Birthday Plans

October 7, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder explains what he plans to do to celebrate his birthday, ¬†and K-State players react to Oklahoma’s loss to TCU on Saturday.

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Weekly Press Conference: Texas Tech

October 1, 20140 Comments

Coach Snyder updates the status of the injuries on defense and playing a pass-happy offense in Texas Tech.

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